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We believe that you should never hand over money to a company or associated staff member unless they have spent their own money doing the service already.

Let us give you an example: Why hire a PPC agency with graduate staff who have never spent a bean of their student loans on marketing their own business? Sure, it’s easy to spend other peoples budgets but do they understand what it means not to waste a single £ of their own? You want your agency suppliers to hold that regard for your budgets. It’s your house, car, wardrobe and family that it affects.

To this end, the owners of Create Customers have built businesses with their own money using the same techniques that make up our service offering. Your budgets are just as hard-earned as ours and we will treat them as such. This may sound refreshing but to us it just sounds ‘normal’ and expected. Invite us to prove our concepts and ethos to you. Oh yes, we also have combined 50 years’ experience in Data, Digital and Telemarketing within the company. Must not forget that.

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