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We create customers for you

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We generate profitable business leads in an ethical way and to suit your business

We do, what we do best, leaving you to do what you do best and presenting you with the opportunity to sell to decision makers who are willing to listen.

The digital world knows CPC as Cost Per Click, however, we’d like to introduce you to…


Much easier for you to plan your business’s growth with a Cost Per Customer than only having a Cost Per Click?
We are so confident that we can deliver we are happy to guarantee the cost you’ll pay us for each new customer. Using our digital and direct marketing experience, we create demand from businesses in the UK for you. We ensure the decision makers are interested in your products or services before handing over to your sales team to do what only they do best. We’ll not achieve our mission of early retirement or owning Man Utd if we don’t put our money where our mouth is!

We pride ourselves in customer service

we are always ethical and we offer guarantees which will help grow your business in a simple and controlled way

Please get in touch to let us introduce and tailor this exciting business concept to you. Whether the cost per customer is £100 or £1,000, we’ll always honour our side of our deal, right from the start. Contact Us now on 0161 416 6100 and we’ll work out your Cost Per Customer.