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Using Data Driven Marketing to Increase Your Sales

By Katie Turnbull

4th March | B2B Direct Marketing Email Marketing PPC Social Media Telemarketing Uncategorized

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Using Data Driven Marketing to Increase Your Sales

We all know the old quote, “You can come up with Statistics to prove anything”. This is no less true than the joke that “87.54% of all statistics are made up”.

Despite this, occasionally, some studies are published you have to sit up and take notice of. This is true of the below conclusion reached following a research project where 3000 thought leaders from 17 countries were asked for their opinion.

In short, the use of data-driven marketing is on the rise and is set to stay. The Winterberry Group, who conducted the global research study, assert that 80% of those asked state the data is positively important in their advertising and marketing efforts, with 92.2% stating it is likely to play and increasingly important role with the majority stating it plays an absolutely critical role.

How can this be when we all hear of the rise of digital and online marketing, surely direct marketing is dead?

Quite the opposite in fact, another observed characteristic was the role that data plays within digital marketing and vice versa. Anecdotally, a number of Databroker clients are seeing a rise in integration between direct and digital and have also observed their campaign ROI increasing four fold with some simple digital integration. The two should work hand in hand and not be thought of as the antithesis of one another.

A significant 68.5% of those questioned utilise data-driven marketing in the targeting of offers, message and creative content. Of this figure a significant number identified that customer spending via traditional direct mail, email marketing and telemarketing had increased substantially over the previous 18 months. This goes someway to explain why 73.5% expect spending on data-driven marketing to increase over the next year.

With company spending on direct marketing activity medium predicted to increase isn’t it time to invest more in profiling, customer analysis and fresh data?

The above stats are good in principal however, as is inherent within many small and medium size marketing departments, they have limited availability of resources and even budget to analyse and procure fresh data. The study identifies that fewer than 8.7% believe there is a limited availability of data to work with, the availability of data is therefore not a restricting factor.

Can these companies afford not to put new prospects into top of the ‘nurturing funnel’? How therefore can these companies make best use of data?

A good ‘list broker’ will act as an extension of your marketing department. Essentially giving the time back to you to focus on business whilst they do the leg work. Not only this, but they will be able to add their insight, knowledge and experience of the market to identify new data to fuel your direct and digital marketing campaign.

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