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Free rangenot battery

We have an experienced team of B2B Customer Creators and they are a very important asset to us, underpinning the results we deliver to our clients.

We’ll refrain from placing images here of call centres, headsets or clusters of B2B telemarketing buzz words. It’s all a given. Our team of telemarketing executives definitely have a PC, a bespoke CRM and a headset with a mouth piece. Stock photos not required to highlight this.

Instead, we focus on the individuals, our team are professional B2B telemarketers who enjoy outbound and front-line roles where the focus is lead generation.   They continuously demonstrate their fine ability to generate leads for our client’s brands and our own brands with high level and c-suite contacts within UK businesses.

They are all outgoing and chatty (good job, really!) and as Create Customers is growing in size, we can demonstrate a genuine career progression through to management or field sales.

Rest-assured our sickness phone line is like the Carlsberg’s customer complaint phone (apologies to those born after 1990 who don’t know what I mean), we are definitely free-range, not battery.

What outbound calls can we make for you?

We can provide outbound telemarketing to businesses as a stand-alone service or blended with B2B data lists and B2B digital lead generation. We work for clients for as few as 10 hours per month and up to infinity (well not quite and not beyond!). Our capacity is variable as we can extend our in-house resources via our bank of very reliable B2B experienced home-based and flexible workers as necessary.

Outbound telemarketing and lead generation features in all our specialist areas; List Building and data cleansing through to event bookings, telephone appointments and most commonly, qualified face-to-face (f2f) Appointment Setting.

Call us on 0161 416 6100 to get a quote and start using our remarkable B2B asset to grow your sales pipeline.