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We Will Make You Money With PPC

You’ve probably have heard a lot of buzz around phrases like “The Ad Words” and “Pay Per Click” so we’d like to explain what all the fuss is about: Paid advertising is the single most powerful and flexible marketing tool of all time. Ever.

It’s so effective that Google – you might have heard of them – make 97% of their revenue from paid advertising.

There are websites, textbooks, podcasts, conferences, seminars, webinars, video hangouts, blogs, vlogs and an entire mini-economy built around understanding this revolutionary technology that’s constantly shaping and re-shaping the world of marketing as we know it.

In other words: your business needs to be doing paid advertising. And it needs to be doing it well.

There’s no money for the big service providers in teaching you how to cut your cost per click or avoid those tyre-kickers who eat up your budget and don’t buy a thing. That’s where we come in. Our team of experts live and breathe PPC, keeping ahead of every new feature, every beta test, every algorithm change and every cutting edge technique to get your accounts in ship-shape fashion and keep them that way.

We aren’t “PPC doctors” who diagnose all the problems with your strategy, then make a few changes and leave your account to run itself. We use a focused, hands-on management structure of constant refinement and optimisation. We’re more like “PPC personal trainers”. With every new click your account gets stronger and your returns get bigger.

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Call 0161 416 6100 to get a quote for your paid advertising project, we’ll then show you how we can help your business grow using the PPC tools that are right for your business – not just what everyone else is doing – and then we can do what we love to do best: Get to work making you money!