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List Building

Creating business customers for you

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Building the Perfect Customer List For You

Build your perfect list of Business Customers

List Building is not using an online selection tool to download prospects from a pre-existing database. List Building from Create is a world away – its more “List Design and Artisan Craft”. Create use a combination of telephone, digital and desk based guildsman researchers to build and supply you your dream list of business decision makers qualified to your requirements.

Building your ultimate list of Decision Makers

We start with you. Who do you want to be in front of with potential to use your services? We get to work straight away building your marketing database of business contact details and notes relating to your prospects. This is your intellectual property and it’s the first step to finding new customers and increasing your sales. We can even include social media profiles such as Linkedin Profile URLs or Twitter handles.

Why build a marketing data list?

Sometimes your target market will not be available in an off the shelf database. Your target market will be your companies only so it stands to reason that we have to build this for you. Maybe the decision makers you want to speak to are too niche or you need a list qualifying before they are marketed to by your team.

Next Step

Call 0161 416 6100 to get a quote and we can start work quickly on building an email list, building a mailing list or building a list for telemarketing. Our staff have 50 years experience in managing and creating marketing databases.