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Auto Enrolment Appointments

Workplace Pension Leads for IFA's

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A pipeline of business for your Financial advice firm

A very simple process. We pinpoint local business owners or decision makers for AE who have a need to see an IFA to arrange setup. These are exclusive appointments for one IFA only where you will get the chance to help a local business owner set up their workplace pension. Not only that, why not ask them about any personal wealth opportunities whilst you are sat in front of them.

Currently, we have pro active IFAs across the country using this service. These IFA’s are benefitting from taking business from their competitors – the reactive IFA’s. ┬áThese procative IFA’s are sitting in front of business owners for up to an hour with the chance to get them on board. The first time your competitors will realise this is after you have signed them up.

Some IFA’s network, some do no marketing what so ever or just hope for the best via word of mouth. This service is getting your business out there on the front foot and winning new customers with potential lifetime value.

We believe we are the best in the UK at this service and our references support this. Join us now before your competition do!